Oxford Programme for Education in Remote Areas


Established in the year 2003, Shailley Educational Trust (SET) is a registerred NGO (12A and 80G Certifications) that works in the area of education dissemination. It has a chain of schools running in Delhi and NCR under the banner name of Green Valley Academy. We have lifetime MoU’s & tie-ups with organizations such as Korean Embassy (Korean Cultural Center) and British Council.


This initiative is directed toward reaching out to the remote corners of the country. By doing so, we will be able to insert latest and best of International academic knowledge and concepts (otherwise available only to a small priveledged segment of society) in these farthest corners of the nation. Aim is to sew a web of schools, which act like hubs to sprinkle knowledge and education in areas, which otherwise are left out of the ambit of government and non-government schemes and development plans. The word corners here denotes tiny villages, tribal areas, remote hills, dusty deserts and pocket towns. The diversity of India’s geography is an asset and hence poses a big challenge in deploying welfare schemes equally in parts of the country. This programme aims at supplementing the government’s relentless efforts. All this shall be free of cost!

The name Oxford Programme for Education in Remote Areas is primarily derived from the term Oxford, which is a strong & thick cotton fabric majorly used to make shirts. It resembles SET’s vision in bringing schools from remote areas and stitching them together in the fabric of education.


Along with OPERA we also have the Battle for Inclusive Growth (BIG) Programme, where in experts from all over the world are invited for direct interactions with the children. These interacrtions expose children to the best practices, habits, techniques, thoughts and struggles of these leaders. Hence, it infuses the the zeal and momentum in young minds. Children have benefited from these engagements, and many experts even have adopted certain enthusiastic students. You can read more about the BIG Programme on this website.

BENEFITS for Schools/Small Educational Establishments

– Access to the best of International Curriculum Designs

– Access to Teacher Trainings and Best Education Practices

– Access to Informative systems to run schools more efficiently

– Access to Korean Cultural Center Activities like Scholarships, International Competitions & Education trips to South Korea

– Access to similar benefits of the GVA & British Council Libraries & resources, along with HIgher Education Tools

– Access to Infrastructure of Green Valley Academy (chain of Schools)

– Access to Industry experts as Mentors in areas of Finance, Strategy, Administration, Social Work and even investments

(Currently we have 8 schools on-board, which are located from Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand) to Pillani (Rajasthan)

Online Admissions Open for the Session 2020-21 (School is open via Online Classes)