Green Valley Academy is built with the fundamental philosophy of free mind. Human growth is directly proportional to human imagination which is majorly stimulated by the environment. Hence the concept of Green architecture from Spain (Grenada) was embedded in order to stage our students as close to the nature as possible. With sunlight breaching all walls of the school, through wide windows and broad corridors, brightening the specially designed open to the sky ‘Centre’ of the school ,it makes one feel relaxing and thoughtful in every location of the building.

The three side open location creates fresh Air Circulation in the entire campus, delivering absolute peace of mind at all times. On the technology front, freshly installed laboratories are equipped with latest laptops, computers and softwares, keeping students updated in today’s technological age. GPS Activated Transportation System along with 24×7 CCTV Surveillance system together establish high levels of safety in entire campus and even during the period when the  students travel in school transport between school and home.
The hygiene and spaciousness are core to the ambience of school building for creating right environment for positive thinking. The school is equipped with well sunlit classrooms supported by proper ventilation for fresh air which gives an eco-friendly environment for academic learning.

Online Admissions Open for the Session 2020-21 (School is open via Online Classes)